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What to visit in Swaziland? Road trip to Mlilwane Park

Le Swaziland, renamed Eswatini, is much less developed than South Africa. The country is often better known for its king's excesses than for its culture ... Few tourists visit it but its North-South route crossing many varied landscapes makes for a beautiful wild road trip. In its center, the reserve of Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary is a destination not to be missed if you pass by. To find out everything, follow this guide!

Join Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary in Swaziland by road trip from Kruger National Park

Road trip from Kruger National Park to Swaziland (or Eswatini): exit the reserve at Crocodile Bridge Gate

If you come from Shukuza Gate at Kruger Park, take the direction of the exit door Crocodile Gate south of the reserve. The best is to cut through the middle of the park if you have not yet explored this part and reach the exit in 3 / 4h by car because there is still 3h30 of road trip to reach Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary in Swaziland (or Eswatini).

A monkey spotted on the best tour to visit Kruger National Park in South Africa

Still think about enjoying your last moments in South Africa's most legendary reserve and keep your eyes open! We thought we had seen everything but we were wrong: 2km from the exit we had the chance to see a group of lions and lionesses with their young! By leaving early enough you will enjoy the sunrise over the savannah and arrive in the middle of the afternoon at your next stop in Swaziland.

A giraffe spotted on the best tour to visit the Kruger National Park in South Africa

Cross Eswatini (ex-Swaziland) by road trip: stops at Execution rock and at a thermal center

Cross Eswatini (ex-Swaziland) in road trip: hike to Execution rock

Once out of Kruger Park, start your road trip by heading to the border crossing in northern Swaziland, renowned country Eswatini since 2018. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the North-South axis to your hotel located near Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary. On site, you can occupy your late afternoon with a magnificent hike from 2:30 to Rock execution and / or you can relax at thermal center of the Royal Swazi spa. On our side, we were lazy… We went to bathe in the hot water swimming pool of the thermal spa and we did a really inexpensive massage!

The only hotels worth checking out near Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary in Swaziland

Sleep during your road trip to Swaziland (Eswatini) in the chalets of Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

To stay near Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary, there is not much to choose from. The best (by far) is the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary himself! You can sleep directly in the reserve after finishing your day of road trip on the roads of Swaziland (or Eswatini)!

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If the chalets in the safari park are full, the best alternative is Mountain Inn.

Sleep during your road trip to Swaziland (Eswatini) at Mountain Inn, one of the only hotels worth visiting near the Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary.
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For more information, you can read our article on the best hotels near Mlilwane wildlife sanctuary in Swaziland.

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