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9 awesome activities in Semonkong, Lesotho

semonkong is a beautiful village lost in the mountains of Lesotho. It is the best base to land and discover the life of the Basothos. The surrounding nature is splendid and the premises very welcoming. The only lodge in the village offers many activities that we have listed below.

To access the village of Semonkong, follow our guide: The best guide to explore Lesotho on a road trip

Our recommendations for activities in Semonkong in Lesotho

Activities Many offered by Semonkong Lodge: mountain biking, fly fishing, cultural tours, climbing, hiking, horseback riding or 4 × 4. We recommend doing the horse ride in the morning because Lesotho is renowned as the country of horses (Tolkien was inspired by it to create the country of Rohan in The Lord of the Rings). The tour will make you explore the surrounding mountains like a real local Basotho!

The + : The guides are much less strict than in the reserves in South Africa and they let us gallop! If you know how to ride a horse, this is an amazing experience to do.

Semonkong Lodge offers you the opportunity to visit Lesotho on horseback like a local
Residents of Semonkong in Lesotho are on horseback to keep sheep
Horseback riding thanks to the Semonkong lodge which offers you to visit Lesotho like a local

The thrills of Semonkong in Lesotho: the descent of the Maletsunyane waterfall

In the afternoon, we advise you to longest abseiling in the world (Guinness World record approved)! You will descend hanging from a rope the 204m of the gigantic Maletsunyane waterfall which gave its name to the village (Semonkong means 'place of smoke' because of the spray of the waterfall at its foot). Strong sensations guaranteed in an exceptional setting and we can attest to the professionalism of the organization so you have nothing to fear from that side. If you have already done bungee jumping on the Garden Route, then you will go home with a second certificate from the Guinness Book of Records!

The Maletsunyane waterfall in Semonkong in Lesotho
Abseiling down the Maletsunyane waterfall in Semonkong, Lesotho

Can you see my orange helmet in these photos? To give you an order of magnitude, try to find it!

Abseiling down the Maletsunyane waterfall in Semonkong, Lesotho
Abseiling down the Maletsunyane waterfall in Semonkong, Lesotho

The only accommodation in Semonkong in Lesotho is fantastic

The only accommodation in Semonkong in Lesotho is fantastic with its comfortable chalets
Semonkong Lodge offers very well-appointed chalets for sleeping in this region of Lesotho

In the evening, there is only one choice for sleeping in this region of Lesotho but it is really great. Semonkong Lodge offers very well appointed chalets and their cuisine is delicious! You will certainly enjoy the log fire that awaits you in your hut after dinner as much as we do!

NB : they only have a few rooms so to be sure you have room, it is better reserve in advance.

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