The traveling blog: who are we?

Who is hiding behind the travel blog Itinéterre? We explain everything to you: who we are, our background, how we came up with the idea for this site and what our philosophy is. At the end of this article, we hope you want to travel as much as we do!

What is itinéterre?

Itinéterre is a specialized travel blog in the best routes to discover the Earth.

The blog is written by expatriates or locals.

They share their experience to offer travelers the best tours of their country of residence.

The site is full of advice: budget, accommodation, visits not to be missed, scams to avoid, etc ...

It aims to help all travel lovers plan their adventures.

Itinéterre Travel Blog takes you to see hippos in Saint Lucia, South Africa
A hippo in Saint Lucia in South Africa

Why the name itinéterre for your site?

Itinéterre is the mixture of the words 'itinerary' and 'Earth' in French.

This name perfectly sums up the mission of our travel blog: to give you the best routes to discover Earth.

Why this travel blog?

Creating an itinerary is the starting point for all trips.

It is also the most tedious moment ...

Searching for information always takes a long time! And you are never sure you have made the right decisions ... Itinéterre's ambition is tohelping travelers plan their vacation easily knowing that they have made the best choices.

On our travel blog you will find:

  • Guides written by expats or locals to visit many destinations
  • Their advice on when to leave, what to take, administrative procedures, etc ...
  • The best tours to discover each country with visits not to be missed and the stops you can miss without regret.
  • Their advice on security and scams to avoid
  • Their accommodation recommendations for all budgets (from youth hostels to 5-star hotels, including B & Bs and unusual hotels)
  • All their tips for getting around, drinking, eating, shopping, etc ...
The Itinerary Travel Blog brings you to Addo Elephant Park in South Africa in the Gorah Elephant Camp Private Reserve
The most amazing hotel we have done (in the middle of an African private reserve): Gorah Elephant Camp

The philosophy of the Itinéterre travel blog

Our experience has convinced us that organizing a trip is the key to its success.

Choosing the right route, booking the right hotels, and choosing the best activities is crucial. Nobody wants to fall into tourist traps, make endless queues or have an unpleasant surprise when we arrive at our accommodation.

The mission of the itinéterre travel blog is to you remove the organizational puzzle so that you go on vacation with peace of mind. Follow the guides we have written and plan your vacation quickly, making sure you have made the right choices.

Why can you trust the Itinéterre travel blog?

You can trust our advice mainly because all of our itineraries were written for our loved ones before being published on this blog. The Itinéterre travel blog is written exclusively by locals or expatriates who share on the internet the information they gave to their families or friends when they came to visit them! (To learn more about the history of the blog, read the next paragraph.) Therefore, all tours, hotels, tips and other recommendations have been tested and approved by themselves, their families or their friends! Itinéterre never puts forward places or products that the authors do not know. *

The purpose of Itinéterre is to make you discover a country as if a local were accompanying you.

*Except for luxury hotels. We admit that we have not tested all luxury hotels, but we never put forward a 5 star hotel that we do not know at least by reputation. We are always sure that the high end hotels we recommend are the best. Why ? Because they are recognized as the best by the locals. For example, we were fortunate enough to sleep at Camps Bay Retreat in South Africa during the off-season (that's the advantage of living there!). That's why we recommend it in our article on the best luxury hotels in South Africa. In the same article we also recommend the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel. And we never slept there! But we booked many massages there and we took many Gin & Tonic on their terrace. Moreover, having lived more than 10 years in South Africa, we know that Mount Nelson is THE LEGENDARY HOTEL in Cape Town. So we know we can recommend it to you without hesitation.

We will never recommend a product or service in which we do not believe.

The Itinéterre Travel Blog brings you to Cape Town at the legendary Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel
The mythical Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel of Cape Town with its view of Table Mountain.

How was the Itinéterre travel blog born?

Left for 6 months, there are 6 years abroad

The itinéterre travel blog brings you to France at the top of the Pic de Montcalm in the Pyrenees
The summit of Pic de Montcalm in the Pyrenees.

Jonathan, the creator of this blog, grew up in the Pyrenees in a small village of 12 inhabitants near Andorra. It is therefore as a native of the South of France that he gives advice on this region that he loves so much.

After studying in Toulouse and Paris, he continued his training for a semester in Dublin. The expatriate life immediately pleases him and he takes the opportunity to visit Ireland from top to bottom. He would return to it 9 times later! A real love story.

The traveling blog takes you to Kylemore Abbey in Ireland.
Kylemore Abbey in Ireland

Once back in France, he must complete an end-of-study internship. Eager for discovery, he chooses to pack his suitcase again to spend another 6 months abroad. An opportunity will lead him to South Africa. Love at first sight was instantaneous. With the country of course but especially with the one he will marry a few years later!

6 months of internship in Cape Town turned into 6 years of living together at the tip of Africa. Jonathan quickly took a liking to expatriate life. Indeed, living abroad:

The traveling travel blog will take you to Namibia at Dead vlei in Sossusvlei Park.
One of the couple's first trips was a road trip from Cape Town to Namibia. (Here Dead vlei in Sossusvlei park)

The first itineraries written for loved ones

Jonathan's family and friends came to visit him during his 6 years in South Africa. It is for them that he drew up itineraries according to their expectations:

The Itinerary Travel Blog will take you to the Kruger National Park in South Africa to see leopards.
A leopard in Kruger National Park in South Africa

The idea of ​​the Itinéterre travel blog

One day, a friend of Jonathan gave him the idea to share on the internet all his precious information collected over the years. If his loved ones feasted on vacation in South Africa, then his information may make many other tourists happy. ! No research work was necessary, it was enough just to layout already existing Word documents. Everything was already there:

  • The best activities to do
  • Budgets
  • The circuits
  • Hotels to book
  • Recommendations for restaurants and bars
  • Etc ...

And all the advice shared has been tested and approved by either Jonathan himself or a loved one! The blog would therefore be a very useful source of reliable information for many travelers who do not know the country and who are lost in the multitude of options.

The idea of ​​sharing his experience on a travel blog pleased Jonathan.

Itinéterre was born two years later.

The creation of the Itinéterre travel blog

Why did it take 2 years to launch the travel blog?  

Because Jonathan as well as all the other authors of itinéterre do not live on the income from this site but they have a job that takes most of their week.

He therefore had to find free time between his creative job in advertising, his social life with his wife and friends and his passion for sailing (and the many regattas!). Suffice to say that his weeks are busy!

It was therefore little by little that the project took shape and the blog still operates like this today. 

The Itinéterre Travel Blog takes you to South Africa sailing to Mykonos.
The Mykonos regatta in South Africa

After Africa, make way for Asia!

Jonathan is recruited in Singapore after 6 years in South Africa.

Neither he nor his wife know South East Asia. They see the opportunity to live a new expat experience. So they pack their bags and go on an adventure again. Once there, the culture shock is important. They discover a very small country full of charm but very different from Cape Town: the great African spaces are replaced by large skyscrapers and the wild savannah by an urban jungle! Despite this, they will adapt quickly: Singaporeans are very welcoming and the country welcomes many expatriates like them. Singapore is a bit like a youth hostel: there are all nationalities!

The Itineterra Travel Blog brings you to Singapore to visit the famous Marina Bay Sands area.
Singapore's famous Marina Bay Sands area

The expansion of the travel blog

Jonathan and his wife have been in Singapore for 4 years now and have travel to South East Asia. Indeed, Singapore is very well placed to go on vacation in the region easily. The city-state is located 20 minutes by car from Malaysia, an hour by plane from Borneo or Indonesia, two hours by plane from Thailand, Cambodia or Laos, and only three hours from Vietnam, Burma or Bali.

They therefore take advantage of all the opportunities for a long weekend to escape. Their knowledge of the region was put to good use by their relatives who came to visit them. As Singapore can be visited in 3 days maximum, Jonathan prepared itineraries for them to continue their holidays in other surrounding countries. (Bali and Vietnam being at the top of the requests!)

This new source of information will soon be added to the site to be useful to as many people as possible. But as usual, it will take time! 😊 Be patient ...

The traveling blog takes you to the rice fields of Sa Pa in Vietnam.
Hiking in the rice fields of Sa Pa in Vietnam

New authors join the traveling adventure

Singapore welcomes a lot of expatriates. In his agency, Jonathan works with Italians, English, Germans, Swedes, Belgians, Swiss, Poles, Indians, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, Thais, Australians, Americans, Uruguayans, Brazilians, Peruvians and of course Singaporeans.

One of the local trends is to ask natives for route advice to visit their country of origin. Jonathan therefore wrote tours for friends wishing to visit France: Paris of course, but also the region where he was born: the Pyrenees from the Basque coast to the Mediterranean. Conversely, he received Itinerary recommendations filled with tips for visiting Southeast Asia written by natives.

It was by observing this custom of mutual aid that Jonathan had the idea of ​​using it to enrich the content of his itinéterre travel blog. Working as a copywriter for an advertising agency, he meets many other expat copywriters who enjoy writing in their spare time. He therefore suggested that they share with itinéterre readers all the information about their country of origin that they have already written for their friends (circuits, budget, visit, advice, etc.)

This new wave of information should be published soon but we ask you to be patient as we do everything in our free time!

The Itinerary Travel Blog takes you to the USA to visit Monument Valley Natural Park.
Monument Valley Natural Park in the USA

The continuation of the itinéterre travel blog adventure

Maintain a travel blog as traveling takes a long time. But the feedback from our readers is so positive that we want to continue to be of service to them. We are therefore going to publish articles little by little. As we have not lived all over the world, we cannot offer you itineraries for all destinations. We are committed to keeping the spirit of the site intact: tours written by locals or expatriates with their advice to ensure you make the best choices. The arrival of new editors met in Singapore will allow the site to offer even more quality content in accordance with our editorial line. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to receive all our new articles.

How to support the Itinéterre travel blog?

If you like our travel blog or if you find our information useful, you can support us very easily. Indeed, the links on the blog to online reservation sites are affiliate links. This means that each time you book by clicking on our links, a small commission (2 to 3%) is returned to us. You do not pay more because the commission is deducted from the margin of the reservation site (you can do the test by clicking on our links and going directly to the reservation site and you will see that they are the same prices). So to support us, do not book your vacation directly on commercial sites but through our links! It won't cost you anything and it allows us to pay the fixed costs of the blog:

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If you want to go further, you can also help us by sharing articles that you liked on your social networks.

Important: We do not live on the income from this site.

They are too small to pay us a salary and are used to pay fixed costs like hosting the blog. Moreover, all our recommendations have been tested and approved by us or by our relatives. We do not write about tours, excursions, hotels, restaurants or other products without having experienced it. What we advise you, we recommended it before you to our friends.


Can I use the photos from the Itinéterre travel blog?

All photos (or other content from the Itinéterre travel blog) are protected by the right to intellectual property. If you want to use one of our photos, ask us for permission by contacting us through our online form.

The Itinéterre travel blog recommended your brand or your company in one of its articles. Can you use our content on your site?

No, our content cannot be used for commercial purposes by a third party. However, you can add a link to our article on your site or share it on your social networks.

How to join the itinéterre team of editors?

We are always looking for expatriates or locals who want to share their knowledge. If you would like to contribute to our travel blog, send us an email via our Contact form by telling us in which country you live.

How can I give you my opinion or make a remark?

You can write to us to give us your feedback or comments via our contact page. We will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if you contact us to have information on a destination, we recommend that you first read our articles. Very often the answer is already there (you can also use the search bar at the top of the home page)!

How can I contact you for a partnership or collaboration?

99,9% of the recommendations of the Itinéterre travel blog come from the personal experiences of the authors - and not from collaborations or partnerships. But even if our editors live in the country they write for, they may not know your company. That is why we are open to all your suggestions. We will be happy to highlight your brand if it brings added value to readers of this blog. Contact us !

Do you have a media kit to communicate to us?

Yes, we can send you the detailed media kit containing statistics from the Itinéterre travel blog. Ask for it and we'll get back to you ASAP!

How to follow the news of the itinéterre travel blog?

You can be kept informed of all our new articles in you subscribing to our newsletter or by following us on social networks: