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Tips before diving into a cage with sharks at Hermanus 

Hermanus is definitely the best place in the world to see the Big 5 sailors (sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and penguins). But before booking a cruise, you have to know who you are talking to. We explain everything in this article on the business of cage dives with white sharks.

Whale and White Shark Cage Cruise in Hermanus, South Africa

Whale and White Shark Cage Cruise in Hermanus, South Africa

From September to October, Hermanus is famous for these Whales which migrate there to reproduce. The rest of the year, the white shark is the star of this small coastal town. Cruises to see these animals and even cage diving with white sharks (imply with a mask and a snorkel, without bottle) are organized by many companies in any season. It is a unique experience that we recommend, but not with just any provider ...

What to know before booking a shark cage excursion in Hermanus, South Africa

Cage diving with Hermanus white sharks in South Africa

Before booking blindly, you should know that many companies are heavily criticized because they feed sharks in order to bait them. We therefore recommend that you book with 'Marine Dynamics'. The owners are part of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust which is an NGO that preserve the big 5 sailors and they do it right. In addition, there is a great chance that you have a marine biologist on board as the company annually funds doctoral students to write their theses on endangered bay animals. Thanks to them, we were able to learn a lot about the precarious situation of sharks and better understand this large predator unjustly disliked by the public. Finally, we were of course very impressed by the proximity to this giant of the seas, but above all we appreciated the knowledge sharing of the Marine Dynamics team. Do not hesitate to contact them for more information on their whale watching and shark cage excursions.

Book a cage diving excursion with white sharks in Hermanus.

NB : All cruises in Hermanus leave early in the morning, so it is best to book your excursion in advance on the internet or at least the day before. In addition, as sea trips are subject to the weather, there are often days when the boats do not go out. If you absolutely want to dive with white sharks then we suggest you spend 2 days in Hermanus just in case.  

Sleep in Hermanus at 6 Stemmet Lodge to see whales and cage dive with white sharks

For our accommodation, we have chosen 6 Stemmet Lodge which is the best value for money in town. Very well located, it also offers a very pleasant swimming pool.

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Have a good night's sleep at the best B&B in Wilderness National Park on the Garden Route

If you continue to Wilderness National Park, do not delay to take the road once your cruise is over (around 13 / 14pm) because there is 5 hours of travel. In addition, you enter on the Garden Route so the landscapes are to be seen by day! You will notice that the settings change drastically very regularly, so stay awake!

Get a good night's sleep at The Old Trading Post, the best B&B in Wilderness National Park on the Garden Route

Once in the Wilderness, we recommend that you stay at 'The Old Trading Post ' for a quiet, charming and inexpensive B&B. This is the best in town at this price and it is in a great location by the lake!

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