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South Africa Travel: The Perfect 2 Week Itinerary

The most typical tour is that of 15 days because it covers all the must-see sites in the country, Kruger included! The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks is to start 10 days in the South in the Cape region and finish with the Garden route then 5 days in the North to visit the Johannesburg region and the Kruger. The 10 days in Cape Town are the same as in our tour to visit South Africa in 10 days. They cover all the exceptional sites of this region renowned for its unique beauty in the world: Cape Town, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch, Robben Island, the Cape of Good Hope, the beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton or the wine route. by Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Then, you end the southern part with a road trip along the Garden Route through the Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay or Addo Elephant Park. The 5 days in the North allow you to visit the best of the best safaris: the Kruger National Park. You will take the opportunity to discover the cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg, the history of the country in Soweto, the waterfall route on the way to the Kruger and the famous Blyde River Canyon. This 2-week itinerary is the preferred circuit for tourists who do not want to visit South Africa without taking a safari at the legendary Kruger Park.

If you are still unsure of the length of your stay, you can always consult our article: How many days does it take to visit South Africa?

Why take a 15-day tour of South Africa?

South Africa is THE African country to visit. It offers extremely varied landscapes (sea, mountains, metropolises, desert, savannah, etc.), a fascinating history to discover, safaris counting among the best in the world and delicious gastronomy. On the practical side, the country is stable, it is one of the most developed in Africa, malaria is non-existent and if you stay in tourist areas it is safe. So why deny it? With family, as a couple or with friends, you will enjoy this personalised tour 15 days in South Africa.

Take a tour of South Africa: The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks

Safety on your 2 week itinerary in South Africa

Insecurity in South Africa is not a myth but tourists are not affected if they do not venture alone in risky areas like townships or if they do not walk in the evening. deserted alleys. By staying on the beaten track and using common sense, you will never be attacked. Our feeling is that we often feel more in danger in certain streets of Paris than in this country! If, however, you want to leave with peace of mind, we recommend that you take out insurance with AXIS. They are leaders in travel insurance and offer very good prices for full coverage (in addition to the medical / accident / sports aspect, they also provide many other things such as lost luggage or passports, cancellation of travel, etc.).

Summary of the itinerary "visit South Africa in 2 weeks"

This 2 week itinerary in South Africa will take you from Cape Town to the end of the Garden Route to end in a climax at the Kruger National Park. In total you will realize a 1200 km road trip in 15 days!

(Click in the map below on 'show map' then on the right arrow to view your journey step by step.)

How many days should you plan to make a route in South Africa?

As we said, this 2 week itinerary in South Africa is the preferred duration of travelers to tour the essential sites of the South and North of the country. It's the ideal circuit to explore the Cape Province and the Garden Route, then Johannesburg, Soweto, the Blyde River Canyon and the famous Kruger Park. On the other hand, if you absolutely want to visit Swaziland and Lesotho, we recommend that you leave for at least 3 weeks. Our 3 week itineraries and D'a month in South Africa take you to the four corners of the country to visit the rest of the must-see sites: Mlilwane safari, Saint Lucia, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve, KwaZulu Natal and the Drakensberg range. As for travelers who do not wish to take long and tiring road trips, then it is best to stay 10 days ou a week in Cape Town to visit the essentials of South Africa in relaxation mode.

When to go to South Africa and how many days? The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks

When to go for a 2 week itinerary in South Africa?

Concerning the best time to go on a 2 week itinerary in South Africa, summer is from December to March and the tourist season from mid-December to the end of February. So leaving in November or March seems to us a good compromise to have the fewest possible travelers but always the sun. Those are the equivalents of June and September in France. July and August are the least touristy periods but it is winter so bring warm clothes. Even if it is never very cold, many regions are often windy so a waistcoat and a windbreaker are essential.

Our favorites during this 2 week itinerary in South Africa

  • Cape Town is the most beautiful city in South Africa and after staying there it will undoubtedly fit into your list of the most beautiful cities in the world. We would gladly stay there longer as there is so much to explore. Enclosed between the Atlantic and Table Mountain, Cape Town is surrounded by breathtaking nature. You can enjoy the mountains in the morning, the ocean in the afternoon and dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant with only a 15-minute drive during the day!
  • Our favorite excursion during this 2 week itinerary in South Africa will remain our safari in the Kruger National Park. It's an incredible privilege to be able to drive alone in your rental car in a park that is home to the Big 5. In fact, we have all seen them: the buffalo, the elephant, the lion, the leopard and the rhinoceros! It was an incredible trek in the bush. In addition, we also visited a private reserve to have a different experience of the park and we highly recommend doing this 'public + private reserve' combo (see our article on the advantages of Kruger's private reserves).
  • What we preferred during our road trip on the Garden Route was Plettenberg Bay. You absolutely have to hike to the Robberg National Park peninsula! In addition, we had the chance to admire phosphorescent phytoplankton in the lagoon. It was magical.
  • Finally, our only regret was to have spent only one day in the wine region because there are a lot of great areas to visit. Being a lover of good bottles, we could easily spend the 15 days there!
Our favorites on this 2-week itinerary in South Africa: view of Table Mountain on Cape Town

What we liked least about this 15 days itinerary in South Africa

The 15 days of this itinerary in South Africa were perfect. The only thing that can be said is that between Knysna, the Wilderness Park and Plettenberg Bay, Plettenberg Bay wins hands down. This was our favorite stop on the Garden Route. You can remove the Wilderness stop sign without remorse if you want to spend more time elsewhere. We suggest adding a day of your choice:

  • in Cape Town to enjoy all the activities the city has to offer such as the superb Lion's Head hike, seal diving, paragliding, dune snowboarding, Ciftons beaches, etc ... (see our article on the subject)
  • on the South African wine route to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to visit the many vineyards of the region and treat yourself to an exceptional night in a charming hotel surrounded by vineyards (see our article on these magnificent accommodations).
  • to Hermanus for a better chance of going to see white sharks.
  • at Kruger National Park to spend more days on a safari in the reserve and have a better chance to see all the animals. (It is this option that we recommend)
The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: Clifton Beach in Cape Town

Speaking of safari, this 2 week itinerary in South Africa will take you to Addo Elephant Park in the South of the country and to the Kruger National Park in the North. If you come to South Africa especially to see wild animals then do not change anything because these two national parks offer different landscapes. But if, like us, a safari is enough for you, then we advise you not to do the Addo Elephant park. The best is to fly directly to Port Elizabeth and use the day in addition to offer the privilege of exploring one of the magnificent private reserves of Kruger National Park (this gives you the opportunity to spend 2 days in self-tour to the Kruger and 1 or 2 days in one of the park's private reserves)

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: Baboons in a private reserve in Kruger National Park

Also, if jumping from the highest bungee jump in the world (Guinness Record approved) doesn't appeal to you then we recommend that you skip DAY 9 “The best stops between Plettenberg Bay and Addo Elephant Parc”. Best to leave Plettenberg Bay in the late afternoon of DAY 8 and make the 3 hour drive to Addo Elephant Park to sleep there and start the DAY 10 safari in the reserve early the next day.

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: a group of elephants in Addo Elephant Park

Finally, the last variant of this 15 days tour in South Africa is to skip the day in Johannesburg and Soweto (Day 11). Although very instructive about apartheid, this day requires you to go back 450 km to the Kruger by car. If Mandela Prison on Robben Island is enough for the historical side, then the best is to take a plane between Port Elizabeth and the Kruger Airport so that you arrive directly at the gates of the reserve without wasting time on the road . Suddenly, the day on the waterfall route (Day 12) can also be skipped because it served to cut the long route between Johannesburg and the Kruger without really offering anything unique (unlike the Blyde River Canyon).

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: downtown Johannesburg

The budget for this 2-week itinerary in South Africa

By being careful, we can have a wonderful trip 2 weeks in South Africa for a budget of 1275 € per person (international flights excluded) or 85 € per day (see details of expenses below). The most expensive is the accommodation but if you book all the hotels that we recommend first in this article, then you will only pay around 900 € for 15 nights in double rooms in B&B, or on average 60 € per night. By sharing the room with your partner, it brings you back the night to 30 € per person. We strongly advise you to choose this option because quality guesthouses (tested and approved by us) at € 30 per night on average per person, it's unbeatable!

NB: Be careful though to book well in advance because during the high season these tips are often full ...

Breakdown of expenses for this 2 week itinerary in South Africa

To note :

  • This budget excludes souvenirs and shopping.
  • Car and gas rental costs were cut in half because there were two of us. If you are 3 or 4, the budget will be even smaller.
  • We ate every day for lunch and dinner in classic restaurants (nothing gourmet but it was always very good). Alcohol was not taken into account.
  • The 'activities' budget includes entry to national parks, diving with white sharks, the ferry to Robben Island, bungee jumping, the Addo Elephant Park self-drive safari, etc. In short, we did not deprive ourselves.
  • The 'Housing' budget has been calculated according to all accommodation recommended first in this 2 week itinerary in South Africa. These are always double rooms in hotels or quality B & Bs where we have already booked. The other accommodations recommended by following the links give you other options at different prices (from hostel to luxury hotel) and they are recommended either by us or by friends who have stayed there. You can easily reduce your budget to 70 € per day and per person if you decide to book in the youth hostels we recommend by following these links (they all offer double, family and dorm rooms).
  • This budget does not take into account the return flight to South Africa to give you an idea of ​​the budget per day to be expected on site. A flight booked in advance in March or November from Paris costs around € 550 return. To book a ticket at the best price, it is best to find out about the skyscanner comparator. The 2 internal flights to be booked in advance are included in our budget. At these prices, the 15 days in South Africa following this itinerary will cost you € 1825 per person (550 € of flights + 1275 € on site)!
Per person in euros
Flights Port Elizabeth-Johannesburg€80
Flights Kruger-Johannesburg€100
Rental car for 15 days€140
TOTAL1 275 €

Alternative of the “South Africa in 2 weeks” itinerary

If Paris-Johannesburg return flights are much cheaper than Paris-Cape Town, then you can start this 15 day itinerary in South Africa via Johannesburg and the Soweto district (Day 11 in the itinerary detailed below) and follow it to the Kruger Airport (Day 15). From there, take a Kruger-Cape Town flight and continue the tour from Day 1 to Day 10 on the Garden Route. Once at the end of the Garden Route (also known as the Garden Route), take a plane from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg and then return to France.

NB: We have simply reversed the two large parts of this 2 week itinerary in South Africa:

  • the North: Johannesburg - Kruger
  • and the South: Cape Town - Port Elizabeth

Our tips for renting a car on this 15-day tour of South Africa

  • Ce 15 day road trip in South Africa is a circuit that requires rent a car in Cape Town and return it to Port Elizabeth; then rent a car in Johannesburg and return it to the Kruger Airport. Most rental agencies offer it with a small supplement except for Budget Car which does it for free.
  • No need to rent a 4 × 4 even to go on safaris independently with your rental car. Indeed, all the roads that cross the Kruger and Addo Elephant National Parks are paved.
  • The whole Garden Route can be done with the BazBus if you are staying in a youth hostel. It's a good way to save money by not renting a car for the first 10 days of stay and to meet other travelers if you are alone or very social! For each stage of the Garden Route, find the youth hostel served by the Baz Bus that we recommend in the link on other accommodation options at the end of the paragraph.
  • Don't forget to take your international license. It is free on request at the prefecture.
  • Here, we drive on the left like the English do!

Tip: Hire a car in South Africa at the best price with this car rental comparator.

The best 2 week itinerary in South Africa day by day

You will find below the best 2 week itinerary in South Africa day by day with all essential sites to visit and the best activities to do absolutely. For each step, you will find links to access all additional information : the journey times to plan per day, the best providers for the excursions not to be missed, the advice to know and especially a list of the best hotels, guesthouses and youth hostels at every stage.

DAY 1: Discover the most beautiful neighborhoods of Cape Town in South Africa

Stroll through the Cape Town's most beautiful neighborhoods: Bo-Kaap, Camps Bay, Sea Point, Green point and Waterfront. In the evening, enjoy the sunset above Table Mountain and end the day on the busy street of Kloof Street.

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To stay, The Villa Rosa is an excellent central B&B.

Check availability

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: view of Cape Town

DAY 2: The essential Cape Town excursions in South Africa

Besides Table Mountain, you should definitely visit the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and prison on Robben Island where Mandela was locked up. When you return from the ferry, you can go shopping at the craft market Water Shed. You will sleep again at The Villa Rosa.

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

DAY 3: On the way to the Cape of Good Hope, at the tip of South Africa

This 15 day tour in South Africa continue with around the Cape Peninsula which includes the mythical route of Chapman's Peak, the famous Cape of Good Hope and finally the penguin colony of Boulders National Park.

You will end the day at Muizenberg where you will spend the night at The Muize.

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If complete, our second crush is Admiralty B&B.

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You can also decide to return to Cape Town in less than 30 min and sleep again at The Villa Rosa or in another of the recommended accommodation.

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: the Cape of Good Hope

DAY 4: Discover the magnificent South African wine route

Today you can pet cheetahs in a sanctuary but you will especially do tastings in the best vineyards of Stellenbosch and de Franschhoek on the wine route of South Africa.

In the evening, the ideal is to sleep on site at theEendracht Hotel.

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But if the next day you go to Hermanus early for a whale-watching cruise or a cage dive with white sharks, then we strongly advise you to make the 1 hour journey at the end of the afternoon and sleep on the spot at 6 Stemmet Lodge, which is for us the best value for money in town.

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For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: the Cape wine route to Stellenbosch

DAY 5: Spot whales and cage dive with white sharks in Hermanus

Hermanus is THE city to see Whales et cage diving with white sharks. Don't miss it! (You don't need to know how to dive!)

After an emotional day, you will spend the night on the Garden Route at the inexpensive B&B The Old Trading Post.

Check availability

Warning: read our detailed itinerary below to choose a service provider in Hermanus but also to get an idea of ​​the distances because your road trip on the garden route begins now.

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: diving in a cage with white sharks in Hermanus

DAY 6: Best Wilderness Park Activities on South Africa's Garden Route

The 2 week itinerary in South Africa continue on the garden route with a first stop at the parc du Wilderness where you can go up the river by kayak to the magnificent waterfall. At the end of the day, go to Plettenberg Bay via Knysna.

The B&B 113 on Robberg is your best choice for sleeping near the city center.

Check availability

For more details :

The best itinerary to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: kayaking in wilderness on the garden route

DAY 7: Visit of Plettenberg Bay and walk in Robberg National Park

Make it the most beautiful hike of the whole garden route at Robberg national park de Plettenberg Bay. At the end of the afternoon, stroll around town until dinner because you sleep again at the B&B of 113 on Robberg.

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: Plettenberg Bay and walk in the Robberg national park on the garden route

DAY 8: Enjoy the best activities Plettenberg Bay has to offer

There is so much to do in Plettenberg Bay that one more day seems obligatory to us. Today do the activities you prefer: relaxation, surfing, kayaking, canyoning, walking in the forest,… There is even a monkey park for children! In the evening, try to see the phosphorescent plankton in the lagoon before returning to the B&B in 113 on Robberg.

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: Plettenberg Bay and its monkey park

DAY 9: The best stops between Plettenberg Bay and Addo Elephant Park

Le 15 day road trip continue with the program the highest bungee jump in the world at Bloukrans Bridge and the super tubes of the surf spot of Jeffreys bay to finish at Addo Elephant park where you will spend the night.

We recommend the B&B Zuurberg Mountain Village which offers a magnificent view of the reserve.

Check availability

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: bungee jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge on the garden route

DAY 10: Go on a safari in Addo Elephant Park at the end of the Garden Route

Take a self-drive day safari in the reserveAddo Elephant Park at the end of the garden route. When the doors of the reserve close at 18 p.m., turn around to sleep at Port Elizabeth.

We advise you Sir Roys At The Sea to be close to restaurants;

Check availability

Or to Treetops Guesthouse to be close to the airport;

Check availability

Or at the youth hostel Lungile Backpackers if you take the Baz Bus.

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For more details :

The best itinerary to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: safari at Addo Elephant park on the garden route

DAY 11: Cultural day in Soweto to understand apartheid in South Africa

Fly in the morning from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg and after renting a car again, go on the unmissable cultural visits of Soweto on apartheid. You can spend the late evening in the chic district of Sandton.

We advise you to stay at Blu Trea Guesthouse.

Check availability

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: visit the cultural places of Soweto

DAY 12: Explore the waterfall route between Sabie and Graskop in South Africa

This 2 week road trip in South Africa continues in the North of the country with the discovery of waterfall route et Pilgrim's Rest, the city of the gold rush.

You will sleep towards Graskop in a chalet in the middle of nature in Zur alten mine.

Check availability

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: the waterfall route from Sabie to Graskop

DAY 13: The best sites of the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa

On the day's program, the Blyde River Canyon with God's Window, Bourke's Luck Potholes et The Three Rondavels. In the evening, return to the same hotel as the day before (Zur alten mine).

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: the best sites of the blyde river canyon

DAY 14: Explore the mythical Kruger National Park of South Africa

Enter the Kruger Park by Shukuza Gate and make a loop in the southern part via Lower sabie et Gate Malelane.

For accommodation, the good plan near Malelane gate is the B&B Hhusha Hhusha.

Check availability

For more details :

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: giraffes in the Kruger National Park

DAY 15: Finish the tour of the southern part of Kruger National Park

For your second day of Kruger National Park safari, from Malelane Gate, head towards Berg en Dalthen Pretorius head and finally Skukuza.

For accommodation in Skukuza, we recommend the hotel Sabie River Bush Lodge.

Check availability

For more details :

The best itinerary to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: safari in the Kruger National Park

DAY 14 AND 15 ALTERNATIVE: The best private reserves in Kruger Park in South Africa 

Instead of visiting the Kruger Park independently, you can opt for a safari in one of the many private park reserves. Find the advantages and disadvantages of this option in our article: The best private reserves in Kruger Park in South Africa. If there is one step where you can indulge yourself without having to regret it, it's at the Kruger! This unique experience is definitely worth it.

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: a leopard in one of the best private reserves in the Kruger national park

The next morning, you will fly home from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, which is easily 40 km away from the Riverside's Kaia guesthouse.

Tip: Book your return flight from the Kruger at the best price thanks to Skyscanner comparator.

The best route to visit South Africa in 2 weeks: return flight from the Kruger

We hope this 2 week itinerary in South Africa you will like it as much as we liked. He goes around unmissable sights of South Africa and ends in apotheosis in the mythical reserve of Kruger National Park! Have a good stay and have a good trip!

Our tips for a successful trip:

  • Book your flight in advance to take advantage of the best prices

Airline ticket prices are cheaper when booked 6 to 3 months in advance. To be sure of getting the best price, we recommend using a flight comparator such as Skyscanner.

  • Book your accommodation before departure to have access to the best offers

You will always find a room at the last minute, but the best located accommodations are necessarily those that are always full. That's why it's best to book your accommodations as soon as possible. We recommend going through Agoda which offers the best prices. In addition, this site allows you to be easily reimbursed in the event of cancellation.

  • Skip the line to visit the most popular attractions

By booking your excursions in advance on Civitatis, you do not queue on site to get your tickets. Less time waiting = more time enjoying your vacation! Plus, their guided tours ensure you have a knowledgeable guide who speaks your language.

  • Use a comparator to find a rental car at the lowest price

Save yourself hours of research with This comparator is the best way to find rental cars at the lowest prices.

  • Don't leave without travel insurance

For us, it is unimaginable to leave without travel insurance. We recommend the one proposed by AXIS. This is the best guaranteed way to leave with peace of mind. However, consider taking out additional specialized insurance for activities not covered (such as skiing or scuba diving).

  • Want more information about your destination?

Do not hesitate to complete the information present on this blog with a travel Guide. You can take it in your luggage and refer to it throughout your vacation.

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